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Today, MAPPA (the animation studio behind the highly anticipated Chainsaw Man) released new promotional art to give us a taste of how bloody things are about to get. Denji, the “man” of “Chainsaw Man” is seen standing on top of rubble with a chainsaw for a head and chainsaws acting as extra accessories for his arms. It’s a beautiful mess that I’ve been excited about since reading the manga, and according to MAPPA, we’ll be getting a lot more details about the series soon.

[TV anime “Chainsaw Man” Live Stream!] On Aug. 5th, from 8P.M(JST), we will distribute a special program on our YouTube channel! We’ll show you a new trailer and will introduce voice actors for the first time there. Don’t miss it!!👉 #MAPPA

“On Aug. 5th, from 8 PM (JST), we will distribute a special program on our YouTube channel,” reads the tweet. JST is Japan Standard Time in case you want to figure out how far ahead that is for your time zone. “We’ll show you a new trailer and will introduce voice actors for the first time there.”

Chainsaw Man has been getting small teases here and there, but despite the 2022 release date, there are still major details we don’t know. We don’t know the exact date the show will air nor do we know who any of the voice actors are as the first trailer showed clips and played music. This event will finally give us a chance to see who is playing what character.

As for a release date, who knows, but the stream is during Crunchyroll Expo (August 5 – 7), which already announced during Anime Expo that more Chainsaw Man details will be at their event. Now that we know that MAPPA is hosting their own event, this probably explains why we had to wait for Crunchyroll Expo to see anything.

Here’s what we do know so far about who’s working on the project.

You can go to MAPPA’s YouTube page and set a reminder for the event right over here.

(Featured image: ©Tatsuki Fujimoto_SHUEISHA, MAPPA)

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