10 Elden Ring Bosses That Are Best Fought With A Friend

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Prepare to summon some jolly cooperators - it's the best way to tackle these bosses.

Elden Ring brings a variety of new things to the table. While it brings a huge open-world among many other changes, there are also a lot of the classic Souls staples included. Namely, boss fights that combine cool design with difficulty to create memorable experiences.

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What makes these experiences all the more memorable is inviting a friend into your game to help you fight these challenging foes. Some bosses feature multiple opponents and some are just plain hard to beat, but either way here is a list of the best bosses to fight with a friend.

The first main boss many players will fight really gives the first bosses in other Souls games a run for their money. Margit has everything that makes a boss difficult in Elden Ring: slow attacks followed by fast attacks, a mountain of health, and excessive agility.

The difficulty is what makes this boss feels great to fight with a friend. Instead of getting bonked with a hammer when you try to heal, your friend can take the attention off you. This balance is very important in Elden Ring multiplayer, so keep an eye on your summon's health and try to take the attention off them when they need to heal.

Godrick the Grafted comes after Margit in the line of bosses, but you have to venture through a massive castle to reach him. Hopefully, this will give you time to learn how to play Elden Ring a little more, as Godrick presents an even greater challenge than Margit did.

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Whether you choose an NPC summon, a Spirit Summon, or you summon another player to help you, investing in Elden Ring's multiplayer is almost guaranteed to make the experience more interesting. Godrick has a number of ranged attacks, so watch out for the fire as he may lock on to you unexpectedly if there are other people in the arena.

The secret boss for the Crumbling Farum Azula area, Dragonlord Placidusax is definitely one of the more unique bosses in Elden Ring. A two-headed dragon seems perfect for fighting with a friend and the reality reflects that. Summon makes managing things like his lightning attacks much easier.

The main difficulty in fighting this dragon is his sweeping attacks and when he flies around before quickly swooping at you. This is where having a friend to take the pressure off of you makes a huge difference, as you will have a lot more room to heal or deal damage.

After making your way to the Mountaintops of the Giants area, you will come across Castle Sol. This houses the next boss on this list, Commander Niall. He works so well for multiplayer battling for two main reasons. Niall constantly advances on you, giving you little time to heal, and also summons soldiers to fight you.

Since Niall is already making it an uneven fight, it seems only logical to do the same and summon a cooperator. On the other hand, you could use some of the best Spirit Ashes and get yourself an equally excellent comrade. Either way, fighting Niall seems designed for cooperation.

In Elden Ring, summoning is best used in fights with multiple opponents. If you summon a friend to help you fight, in the case of a difficult duo fight like Crucible Knight Ordovis and his Crucible Knight companion, the odds will become significantly more even.

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Since it is rough trying to focus on two opponents at once and tough finding any openings to attack, having an extra hand will make quite the difference. Crucible Knights are still a challenge even one on one, so take care in picking a worthy summon and get fighting.

Dark Souls started the FromSoftware tradition of gargoyle-related boss encounters, and they have appeared fairly frequently since then. In Elden Ring, there are tons of them, though the Valiant Gargoyles are of the more difficult variety. Unsurprisingly, this is mainly because there are two of them.

The second Gargoyle doesn't spawn until the first is at half health, also reminiscent of Dark Souls, but at that point, you will want a summon to keep them separated. The Valiant Gargoyles are quick for their size, so they will still put up a fight even with a friend involved, just a less hectic one.

Summoning help to fight Starscourge Radahn is almost required, at least in terms of the lore behind the fight. The Radahn boss fight is represented as a battle festival and as such, there are a significant number of NPC summons littered around his iconic boss arena.

Thus, bringing a human player along for the ride with you is lore-accurate. This is an RPG after all, and fighting with story reasons to justify your violence always feels better. Plus Radahn is tough, so having help is worth the Furlcalling Finger Remedy to summon a friend.

As you progress through Elden Ring, you will increase your capacity for battle in two ways. Your character's level and your ability. Near the end of the game, Maliketh puts these skills to the test, and will be significantly harder if you do not have optimal stats. Summoning can mitigate this difficulty and make the fight more enjoyable.

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Like many of the tougher bosses in Elden Ring, Maliketh is hyper-aggressive which gives you very little room for healing. But if you have a fellow Tarnished along for the ride, they will be able to distract him long enough for you to regain some health.

The boss that comes just before Maliketh, the Godskin Duo is probably easier. But fighting them alone might be the hardest boss fight in the game. Both the Godskin Noble and Apostle deal extreme damage, and can even predict your healing and throw a fireball to interrupt you.

Bringing a friend along makes this a much more balanced fight. Each of you can take on one opponent, reducing the odds of being smacked from behind if you lose sight of half of the boss while fighting the other half. To further increase the odds, try using sleep pots on the Godskin Duo.

Arguably the hardest boss in Elden Ring, Malenia reminds you every time she kills you that she has never lost a fight. Not only does she deal massive damage, but she is also super fast, and even heals when she hits you. Bringing another player with you to fight feels almost required for this fight to be fair.

Managing attacks like her Waterfowl Dance are still a challenge with a friend, but since Malenia has low poise, it is easy to stagger her. This fact becomes especially valuable with a comrade as you can effectively stun lock her if you time your moves right, making the fight easier, and more fun.

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