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2022-07-15 09:25:33 By : Mr. Robert Du

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By Hope Corrigan published 7 July 22

Some are born to use a chainsaw, some have chainsaws thrust upon them.

There are so many different options when it comes to PC cases, in lots of different form factors. Whether you're building a full-tower (opens in new tab) , middie (opens in new tab) , or even a mini-ITX case (opens in new tab) , there's plenty to choose from (opens in new tab) . Despite this, most of the cases on the market are still aesthetically pretty similar, consisting of tower designs focused on fitting into a space and keeping things cool. They're usually practical monoliths rather than particularly interesting looking pieces of tech.

This is where the custom modding scene comes in. There are amazing cases out there being made by individuals or smaller companies who aren't looking for that huge market share, and instead specialise in niche creations. That's when you get things like these Commodore 64-styled cases (opens in new tab) , or just a straight up chainsaw.

Did someone say cutting edge technology? 👀 Check out this impressive "Chainsaw Build", powered by an RTX 3080!🛠️: Staszek "Tips" Wiertelak pic.twitter.com/0fnNMQajsoJuly 2, 2022

Rather than a clean upstanding tower, this gungy case shared by Nvidia (opens in new tab) on Twitter will have you reaching for the tetanus shots. It's built by PC modder Staszek "Tips" Wiertelak (opens in new tab) , whose YouTube is well worth a look for other cool builds like this DoomhordePC. (opens in new tab) The videos aren't in English, but you can still get a great look at some of the cool designs he comes up with.

The video shared for this chainsaw build is a bit more of a sneak peek, but it looks wonderfully gnarly with its rusted metal and blood spatter details. It'd be an amazing case for any horror fans out there. Perfect for a round of Dead By Daylight, Gears, or maybe just watching Evil Dead.

Best CPU cooler (opens in new tab) : keep your chip chilled in style Best PC fans (opens in new tab) : super-silent and plastered in RGB Best PC cases (opens in new tab) : big, little, and everything in-between.

The blade of the chainsaw protrudes from a main box that looks like the motor portion of deadly tool. This is where it seems like most of the guts are stored, but I'm really hoping that maybe the blade does something on top of just looking intimidating. 

Specswise all we really know is that there's an RTX 3080 powering this build. Here's hoping it's one of the 12GB variants that have recently been rumoured to have halted production rather than the continued 10GB. (opens in new tab) Ideally, you want your chainsaw to be future-proof.

The new Nvidia cards are looking pretty powerful and if what we're seeing is correct, could deliver 100% gains on the previous generation (opens in new tab) . It may be this old, rusty chainsaw will be in for an upgrade sooner than expected. Perhaps we could even see a revamped heart model for the upcoming remake of Lollipop Chainsaw (opens in new tab) .

Hope’s been writing about games for about a decade, starting out way back when on the Australian Nintendo fan site Vooks.net. Since then, she’s talked far too much about games and tech for publications such as Techlife, Byteside, IGN, and GameSpot. Of course there’s also here at PC Gamer, where she gets to indulge her inner hardware nerd with news and reviews. You can usually find Hope fawning over some art, tech, or likely a wonderful combination of them both and where relevant she’ll share them with you here. When she’s not writing about the amazing creations of others, she’s working on what she hopes will one day be her own. You can find her fictional chill out ambient far future sci-fi radio show/album/listening experience podcast (opens in new tab) right here. No, she’s not kidding. 

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